Accredited by NAAC with 'B' Grade
Approved by NCTE & Affiliated to TamilNadu Teachers Education University, Chennai

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To offer quality training with the sole purpose of inculcating skills, values and leadership qualities in aspiring teachers so as to help them play the role of the catalysts in the development of our nation.


*    To provide affordable professional education to the rural students.

*    To promote teaching–learning process through innovative techniques.

*    To make prospective teachers self-reliant and competent in all facets of life.

*    To lay the foundation for creating responsible citizens and a just society.

*    To enhance the human values and sustain the heritage of our country.

*    To help them acquire self-confidence and develop leadership qualities.

*    To impart communication and interpersonal skills.

*    To create a positive change in school education.

*   To promote research in the field of education.